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Project Description
TFS Project Estimator is a tool that allows extracts to be taken from TFS into an Excel spreadsheet to measure time taken to complete Tasks, and any child Tasks

A custom web application that allows you to export all the effort associated with a TFS task, including any associated child tasks, into an excel spreadsheet

Although TFS is the software used internally by developers to track work items, tasks and bugs etc, project managers dealing with clients will usually maintain client requirements in a spreadsheet that can be forwarded to these clients when estimating work. Sending a client an extract from TFS isn't feasible, nor is providing them access to TFS, as to a non technical person TFS doesn't provide information in an easy to understand information.

As the client requirements are entered into TFS as Tasks, we can use the TFS "Original Effort" field to track the estimated time and automatically populate a column in the spreadsheet with the this time. As Tasks usually have child tasks, and they in turn might have child and grand child tasks, this tool will roll up all those time estimates into the parent task thus giving a true indication of the estimated effort.


This project is released with the web application that has been used internally, the TFSIntegration class library included in the solution is what does the communication with the TFS Server so this can be used in a separate web application if needed.

Possible future changes include:
  1. Using the "Remaining" and "Completed" fields to track items that are running over estimate.
  2. Highlighting all tasks in the spreadsheet that are ontime, approaching the estimate and those that have exceeded the original estimate.
  3. Giving counts of bugs against each TFS task

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